How to Make a Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are an important symbol for Native American culture, as they are believed to help keep bad dreams away. They are easy to make and can be a fun craft project for your children, too!
First, you’ll need to gather materials. The basics include a hoop or ring, string and decorations that have meaning to you. These can be feathers, beads, gemstones or strips of fabric. Click here to learn how to make a dreamcatcher now!
Traditionally, a dreamcatcher was made with red willow bark that was tied into a web, but it can be created from any sturdy and flexible material. Some people even use rattan or bamboo!
To start, cut a length of red willow bark or grapevine that is about two to six feet long. Bend it around into a circle. Once you have the right diameter, use a pair of sharp scissors to cut it into two or three sections. You can also use any other strong and flexible wood, such as cypress or pine.
Once you have the desired diameter, tie a loop of string in one end to hang your dreamcatcher from. Then you can begin to fill the hoop with the webs and other decorations.
Next, you’ll need a strand of embroidery floss in your favorite colors. The strand should be long enough to wrap around the hoop several times. Once you have gone all the way around the hoop, tie it with a secure knot.
You can now add as many strings and beads as you’d like. If you want to create a more elaborate dreamcatcher, you may choose to string beads and strings in different colors.
To decorate your dreamcatcher, you can add tassels or other decorative items, such as pom poms or artificial flowers. These can be added to the center of your dreamcatcher for a more modern look or you can place them along the sides.
After adding the tassels or other decorative items, you can use a glue gun to attach them. This will ensure that your dreamcatcher stays in place as you use it.
You can also add a bead at the bottom of the tassels to hold them in place. This will also help to keep your dreamcatcher from shifting or falling apart as you work with it. Open this page to understand more on how to make a dreamcatcher easy at the comfort of your home.
Once you’ve finished making your dreamcatcher, hang it in your bedroom or other prominent spot in your home to let it bring you good dreams. Alternatively, you can give it as a gift to someone special!
Besides their traditional spiritual and religious significance, dreamcatchers are beautiful objects that can be used as home decor. They are an attractive addition to any bedroom or other area of your home, and you can hang them outside on your porch or deck as well!

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